I recently came to know about the concepts of deterministic chaos in Control system class. As the part was included in our mid term exam, we toiled hard to know the concepts and definitation related to the phenomenon. Suddenly we came across the definition of word 'deterministic' in terms of philosophy on and the definition was like this:
"A deterministic system is a conceptual model of the philosophical doctrine of deteminism applied to a system for understanding everything that has and will occur in the system, based on the physical outcomes of causality . In a deterministic system, every action, or cause, produces a reaction, or effect, and every reaction, in turn, becomes the cause of subsequent reactions. The totality of these cascading events can theoretically show exactly how the system will exist at any moment in time."
This reminded me of Hindu philosophy where the concept of ones fate is completely based upon such a deterministic system and concept of rebirth has evolved from it.
We learned about the chaos in context of stability of the system. We read some papers where scientist were sure that most of the systems in nature are nonlinear and even though nonlinear systems are driven by deterministic forces and scientists have linearized the nonlinear systems to understan a system, it is not possible to predict the behavior of that system over a long period. Its exactly like the weather prediction. The system is completely nonlinear and accurate weather predictions could be possible only for a week after which it becomes less accurate and after a long time predictions are absurd. This is because many small factors affect system which are impossible to take into account while modeling a system. This is Lorenzt theory.
On the same concept is it possible that hindu philosophy is over simplifying the system of fate. Is it possible to depict such a complex system as linear? What if it is nonlinear? or is it that the life span of human is so short as compared to the whole universe that linearization of this system will give accurate results? What if the span is not short? Are there such factors exisist which could cause perturbations in the system and are amplified due to cascading effect and then the system becomes chaotic?
It came to me while discussion that if we are modeling a human karma, its not just a short life time but whole cycle is applied to 'atma' where it takes birth over and over again till the error or his the sins are zero or the feelings or the attachment with this world is zero. But again is it possible for anybody to fine tune the system and anticipate all kinds of perturbation?

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