Social reaponsibilities of Muslim in the world of fear

Latest Mumbai bomb blast and foiled attempt of bomb blast in London has brought Islamic world in bad light again. It is good to see that leaders from Islamic world are coming together with the politicians to protect those who are innocent. It is good to see that Muslim leaders, after any terrorist attack, condemns the act and try to explain meaning of Islam and try to explain background of people involved in these plots.

What bothers me a lot is participation of Muslim people who feel that they are victim of racism in the modern world and express anger against discrimination or anger against people who tries to see terrorism in teaching of Islam. If these people think that they do not belong to the terrorist clan why, not a single time, information has not obtained from these people? Why they do not feel guilty when they observe suspicious activity around them and still they are not bothered to inform police or other agencies? How these terrorists get safe haven in Islamic community (they always stay in Mominpura or Bhindi bazaar in India). With so much planning, so many people involved, so many meetings, so much testing or collection of hazardous material nobody from the neighborhood is suspicious about intentions of these people. We always hear from the native people about a terrorist, " He was a lovely boy." "We never thought such a charming and nice boy could be involved in such kind of activities." Yeah right. Typical.
Folks, if you want to avoid scornful remarks you should make the world safe by performing your duties. Its sad that nobody but you have to do this duty but it is true that none other than your community is causing trouble in all over the world. Be it Bali blast, be it Mumbai blast, and be it 9-11 blast, be it London blast,be it Madrid blast each mishap has Muslim connections.
Even though every Muslim is not a terrorist, its his responsibility now to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity in the neighborhood. Nobody but only a common Muslim is capable of solving this issue.

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