India-Pakistan Reunification

I came across a very optimistic thought of reunification of India and Pakistan in one article. The author was thrilled about the idea of reunification and proposed some ideas to achieve the same. I read several comments applauding the author's view and congratulating him for his optimism. There was only one comment, which disagreed with the proposal. I share the same disagreement over the reunification.Author of the article dreams about establishing a framework that 'recognizes' as well as 'facilitate' the principle of democracy (Does the author know that Pakistanis are not familiar with this term and right now they are enjoying the rule of president who happened to be an army chief? and it is the same unawareness of democracy who facilitated militancy and misery in Pakistan...duh!), diversity (Kar lo baat...Is the author aware of the fact that the Government of Pakistan took care to convert non Muslim people and threatened the ones who resisted the conversion. History has witnessed the dramatic fall in the non islamic population in Pakistan after partition. Destruction of Buddha statue in Baamiyaan, Afghanistan by Taliban (Brian child of ISI) gives the proof of Pakistani intolerance towards other religions), Pluralism (Has the author ever heard about dominating presence of Punjabis in the Government and Army of Pakistan and ignorance towards Sidhis?) and federalism (What kind of federalism can we expect from Pakistani military raj? The one like they have achieved in Waziristan where matters are resolved by trading females in the family?). Come on.... be real. We cannot reach to an agreement with Pakistan on the fundamental issue like democracy. The journey made by India has brought her to such an extent that it would be foolish to go back and nurse the broken country with our blood, which would in return give us Kargil war and bomb blasts in Delhi and Mumbai.Foundation of Pakistan is based on fear of Hindu majority. We have all kinds of Pro-muslim parties from congress to SP, which would go to any extent to get muslim votes. Out of these people, how many were able to win Muslim confidence? Imagine what would they do once Indian mulism populations will get combined with Pakistani population. After this shameless appeasement, do you get positive response from muslims? No. They are always cribbing about the economical condition, illiteracy, unemployment, health issues, blah blah blah. At the same time they expect to establish parallel Sharia courts to practice Islam. It is impossible to give them sense of assurity, as there is not genuine feeling of insecurity amongst the muslim population. Its all about being in lime light and gain sympathy.Who wants this headache? Who wants Shia-Sunni riots in addition to hindu-muslim riots? Who wants drug trafficking, militants, shameless muslim appeasement and anarchy? I will be ashamed to be an Indian if world would start recognizing people like A.Q Khan as Indian.India has attained heights of success and recognition in very short period. It is the only country, which has made US amend its nuclear regulations. Pakistan would be the only country, which has managed to loose world's trust in such a short period and has lost its confidence completely.I oppose to reunification (if it ever happens) because I love my country.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,

In order to understand "Unification", one must understand the circumstances responsible for partition of Punjab and Bengal. Reversing that would be the next step.

Honestly speaking, today we (India, Pakistan or Bangladesh) don't have a leader of the calibre of Mr. Jinnah. I feel, I haven't seen any leader of his calibre to turn out an idea into a reality and that too a harsh one like partition.

Today, we see partition only in one contrary context owing to similarity in practices, rituals, traditions, cuisine, religious beliefs and so on. Unfortunately, no one has ever commented on other facets -

Economic unification and advantages,
People to people collaboration,
Bringing families together,
Stability in the region,
Dethroning the stupid monarchies,
Last but the best reason is to promote love and harmony.

It is in the interest of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka to proceed the way chosen long back. They know very well that cost of spreading love and harmony shall follow killings of millions of innocent people on both sides once again.

In my opinion, Jinnah's resorting to partition was his last and least probable option. Let us not blame that gentleman lest we want to blame our Hindu and Sikh counterparts who fuelled the hatred equally.

Partition happened because people wanted that to happen. And now if Unification is to happen, it shall happen because people need it and make themselves ready for it. History has always proven that people never cared for the cost they might have to pay for the worst and best of the deeds.

Today, it is constantly debated not just in India but across the borders and this is one of the probables in the agendas of US as well. We may argue this out but the fact is this unfinished agenda like a unhealed wound would keep resurfacing.

Jai Hind!
Jai Maharashtra!