Everything is relative.

For some people, being right is the ultimate goal of their life. To me their whole life becomes a paradox. Look in the mirror and right becomes left! Live a life of bat and night will be full of light. One one hand, A romantic poet always looks at horizon as dream land where the two entities from different worlds can live together forever. On the other, a scientist can think of horizon as a perfect example of asymptote. What is it really, then? Its both at the same time!
If such is the case, should anybody be in the position to distinguish right from wrong? Should the life of person who lives by his beliefs and principles be shattered?
To avoid chaos that will be created due this right becoming wrong, dark becoming bright we as a society defined set of rules and called them laws. We, the Indians, are proud of our ancient wisdom, our philosophy and our religious literature that precisely tell us the way of living. In fact Hinduism is considered as way of life. Is it too safe to consider that the oldest civilization has witnessed all lifestyles, hence, the path defined in Hindu literature is the truest path? And if I strongly believe that every word in the literature is hundreds and thousands of years of research and hence must have some scientific basis, aren't people with different faiths and beliefs entitled to think the same? And if so, why an entire society with different beliefs become a threat to society if he lives what he believes? Remember that hundreds and thousands of years of assumption about earth's shape was entirely wrong, assumption of Catholic church about earth being center of universe was wrong. There will always be an Aristotle to build fundamentals but there will always be a Galileo to contradict them. There will always be a Newton but there will always be an Edison to prove the theories otherwise.
My point here is everybody is entitled to his own belief. Do not expect people to change their beliefs overnight.
Its not pointed towards anybody. Just came to my mind. Life is a paradox!

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Good one, I completely agree with u....