Movie Review: Bhool bhulaiyan

This is another mediocre movie from Priyadarshan. The film looks as promising as its sneak peeks and trailers in first half but the plot just fumbles in the second half. Once the mystery is solved, the remaining movie looks like wastage of reels (It happens very earliy in the movie).
Akshay kumar (Aditya Shrivastav) is very predictable through out the movie. Amisha Patel(Radha) has acted as expected (I doubt if anybody expects a good performance from her). Priyadarshan has done a single sensible thing by not giving her much footage in the film. Vidya Balan (Avani) is lackluster and Shiney Ahuja (Siddhartha) is non-existent. Although Paresh Rawal (Batuk Shankar) is very stereotype, he is the only one who makes you laugh in the first half. Rasika Joshi (Janaki - Batuk's wife) is hilarious in one particular scene. Rajpal Yadav (Chhote Pandit) has nothing new to offer in this movie. Apart from a few laughter, movie goes on without invoking any emotions. I will categorize the movie as B grade comedy. Its anything but a thriller. I will bite my tongue twice before calling it a drama.
Story revolves around a cursed property that belongs to the Royal estate. As caretaker of the cursed 'Mahal', Batukshankar arranges for renovation of old property and also arranges an extra income from the expense of renovation. Royal heir Siddhartha returns from US to his town along with his wife, Avani, on a project to build a dam ( He is not once shown on the site of dam neither in the office! All he does is sit in front of his laptop and play with its keyboard.) Siddharth's marriage comes as a disppointment for Uncle and his adopted daughter, Radha. Radha is now heart broken but faces the reality bravely (Yawn!). Despite uncle's warnings Siddharth and his wife decide to stay in the cursed palace.
Story behind the curse goes like this. Old Maharaja is in love with young performer (Manjulika), but Manjulika is in love with another perfomer (Shashidhar). Majulika and Shashidhar plan to run away and start a life together. Maharaja come to know about the plan and beheads Shashidhar before Manjulika. He imprisons Manjulika. Heart broken Manjulika commits sucide but vows to take revenge and kill the maharaja on Durgashtami. Terrified Maharaja performs Yagya and locks the entire floor by 'Bhairon ka Dhaga'. Since then the palace is considered as cursed.
Avani, being a foreign educated 'mem', ridicules the idea of haunted palace and decides to unlock the floor. Locksmith who makes the duplicate key of the floor dies on the very same day. Uncle fears of 'unhonee' and warns Siddharth again and finally decides to stay with the couple in the haunted palace. Uncle's whole family moves in the palace and weird things start to(Ghungroo ki awaz, mujara songs in midnight, woman's voice in Bengali etc. etc.) happen. Siddharth suspects Radha. Everybody, except Uncle, is convinced that Radha is mentally ill and she is behind all the weird things. Siddharth ask his friend, Aditya, to help. Aditya is a renowned Pyschiatrist. He plays a detective and finds out that Avani has multiple personality disorder. She is acting as Manjulika and she could murder Siddharth.
Here is story behind Avani's illness. Her parents leave her with her dadima to find opportunities in US. They then come back to take Avani to US. Avani, who is emotionally attached to her dadi, doesn't want to go, but her parents take her forcefully. Meanwhile, dadima dies and that causes mental trauma to Avani (Oh god, gimme a break!!!).
Now I suppose, this personality disorder gives the patient immense power of lifting a very heavy double bed with a single hand, as well. Avani with her super powers literally single handedly lifts a heavy bed! (bhagwan uthaa ley iss script writer ko).
Aditya takes help of a baba (Vikram Gokhale. Now a days, he plays any type of role in any type of movie. After all, liquor is becoming veryexpensive. He must have some extra income to satiate his enormous beer belly!). Baba performs yagya on Durgashtami. Baba promises Majulika that he will help to take revenge on Maharaja but asks in turn to leave Avani alone. Manjulika accepts the deal. Brilliant Aditya arranges Siddharth's dummy and Manjulika beheads the dummy with a sword (Bhagwan ab mujhe bhi uthaahi ley). After hypnotism, Aditya helps Avani to forget about whatever has happened and treats her illness completely.
Now why do you need a professional to write such crap story? Anybody could write something better than this.
Anyways, for online 'muft' film it was okay. I pity them who paid hard earned money to watch this movie. Its a bhool bhulaiyan for people who watched the movie expecting some entertainment but found no crux.

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