This is how my vacation went with my baby

We went to Bahamas. But the vacation started with clouds of doubts. We went there right between two hurricanes. We thought we were going to get stuck in  bad weather and will spend all 4 days sitting in our rental apartment staring at each other with nothing to do (Even after this thought we decided not to carry our laptop!!!). We tried to cancel the trip but couldn't provide the required documents to the insurance agency ( we had an insurance just in case we had to cancel our never know when you are travelling with young ones!!). We decided to go with a heavy heart. Now I am so glad that we went there. It was perfect!!! Perfect weather, perfect sea, perfect apartment and even the rain was perfect. It use to rain once everyday. It actually helped with the hot and humid temperature.
How did my list work....just great!! When we reached there we were tired and were not in the mood to cook anything. The baby cereal was an easy meal to fix for my baby. We didn't know that our apartment was duplex. The baby monitor saved us from going upstairs every now and then to check on the lil one. And the snacks helped us to get through the shopping and sight seeing. With the variety of snacks to munch on, he was never bored when we wandered around the city. The umbrella stroller helped us a lot. It was easy to carry when we were hopping on and off the Bahamian jitneys. 
Stuff which I did not use was medicines (thankfully!), blanket, throw over sheet, disposable cup and bowl, cotton balls, extra sippy cup, sweater and bug repellent.
I am looking forward to another vacation without being nervous :)

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