Madal II : Social justice

Education field in India has turned upside down from the day our honorable (?) HR minister Arjun Singh announced 27% quota for OBC. At least, Indian media portrayed the scene as turning point in Indian history by naming it as 'Rang de basanti' rage. Indian politicians witnessed hunger strikes and protests from anti - reservation league with scary indifference. For the first time I realized that there is nobody to give solace to so called upper caste people. The very next thought came to my mind was, 'What if some thing like Sudan happens in India?' Considering the present situation and apathy from politicians not a single sigh would be heard from these political messiahs in protest of atrocities on so called upper caste and the whole class would be wiped out from the face of Earth.

Whatever happening in India currently is not fair to anybody. But it should be considered as an opportunity to unite the upper caste people. No good is going to happen if we tolerate these things. We didn't see any protest by parents of the kids who are in high schools and will soon face quota hurdle while getting admit into BITS/IITs and other public and private colleges. We didn't see any protest from young generation who has nice jobs with big fat salaries. They will soon realize severe impact of these decisions when their jobless siblings will wander on streets and will live on anti-depressant pills.
What will happen if these people will not get admission into good institutes? How would they escape from India? On what basis would they ask asylum to other countries? Which country will accommodate them if they will not worth a single penny without good education? That will be the time when spineless middle class as well as upper caste of India would go below poverty line. This class will work so hard to meet both ends that there back and hands will be covered with soars and still won't be able to feed the family. All the brides will prefer lower castes to the higher castes. And when there would be nothing to loose this spineless class will come out and fight for their rights.
This is the chance where we will over throw the power of adamant, arrogant and foolish old school. We need young blood in power. We need somebody with broader vision. Gone should be the days of Manmohan, Arjun, Natwar, Gupt, Atal and Advani. And gone should be the days of elements which distract us from right path by bringing up caste and religion issues.

I am looking forward to those days.

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