Three laws of haunting

I am always amused when I see a spirit (ghost) haunting somebody in movies. Imagine the process stepwise (Put your geeky brain aside for a moment and think its real !)

First step:
Energy conversion law-
May be this energy is like light which could pass through our skin and gets converted into heat like energy. As we can feel heat by touch we might feel this ghost/spirit energy by changed eye color ! (typically white and in some cases red)
Note: People born on 06/06/06 may have white and red eye color by birth.

Second step:
Survival of the fittest-
Now comes the most interesting part of the process. Once the conversion processes is over the body possesses two energies and suddenly carries so much energy that,being unable to handle it, it starts trembling. Now this free spirit, since it has experienced freedom and has got an oppotunity to explore its powers without limitations of a body ( think it as Neo from Matrix), is more powerful than the spirit inside the body.
Fight between two spirits causes severe tremors and might appear as hysteric attacks. In some cases it may cause body distortions, such as wrinkled skin, blisters, change in vocal cords etc. In severe fights it may even change blood color (generally black with increased viscosity).
Some people have reported unpleasant smells from the haunted body. (Its the last change which scares me the most and forces me to carry 'Hanuman Chalisa' with me every where)

Third step:
Wait and learn:
After an effortless triumph, the free spirits enslaves the beaten spirit, acquires all the information about surrounding people and environment and waits till is all known.

What happens when a social worker's spirit enters into somebody? Hmmmm.....
What happens when possessed body attacks another possessed body? or the free spirit enters into already possessed body? Interesting......


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Manisha said...

You are not serious, are you??