Woman of substance

Yesterday a thought came to me, why women are not very successful as compared to men? At first I thought, the phenomenon of women's participation in world affairs has history of only a hundred years or so as opposed to men who have dominance in every part of life and world affairs from the beginning of the very first civilization. Considering this little span success achieved by women today, despite the social and physical limitations, is very remarkable. The comparison between male and female performance and participation itself gives evidence of female progress.

Then a thought came to me, why women have not attained visible success in recently developed fields (such as latest technology like robotics, internet etc). These fields were open to men and women at the same time. Again we can reason this out with the participation of mass of male population and female population in these fields. If, say, only 10% of male population in software services is successful then we should consider percentage of women population in software services and should not compare the performance of both sexes by considering only the numbers.
I have read many articles and have seen many programs highlighting difference between male and female behavior, difference between male and female brain development, effects of different hormones on individual. Taking into account all these things, we must go to the definition of success. Who defined success in the beginning? What are the achievements to be considered as successful? Then it came to me that all these definitions are defined by male society, all the tests and all the parameters to be successful are designed to challenge male abilities. Whole story of success is seen by male eyes and is analyzed by male brains.
Should females strive hard to fulfill those requirements and acquire those abilities? Should she at all care about what the male community is thinking about her performance? Isn't it a hypocrisy when a female could not perform a task like a male can and she is pointed out as a failure and when a female performs a task like a male then she is termed as bold or a rebel as she has more male qualities or she thinks more like a male? A man do not like his wife to think like a man and the very same community always compare male and female performance and point out female underperformance (do you recall Dr.Summer's statements?) I have always read about how women work hard, take less leaves, and tolerate criticism only to get promotion which her male colleague could get more easily. Its stupid! Its the foolishness of women which is not taking them towards the success they deserve. Why should a women employee feel guilty for not visualizing certain things in a way her male colleagues do? She should take advantage of abilities which she has. Women should become entrepreneur than a common employee. They should think of creating their own world and own parameters of success.
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